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New eBook:
10 Ways to Reduce Cost & Turnaround Time

3D-cover-10-turnaround-time.pngAt Keats, we are big proponents of saving our customers time and money while ensuring the highest possible quality in every metal stamping project. We have been dedicated to this since our founding in 1958.

To this end, we are proud to present our new eBook, 10 Ways to Reduce Turnaround Time & Cost of a Metal Stamped Part. Inside, you will find detailed explanations of what to look for in a stamping project, what factors affect the cost and time for various processes, and how to effectively save time and money while ensuring high quality in every final product. Important factors include:

  • Availability of materials
  • Blanket orders vs. spot buys
  • Pre-plated vs. post-plated parts
  • Tooling vs. progressive die stamping
  • And much more.

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